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Shopify Kit Just Got A Whole Lot Better: Introducing Shopify Ping Image
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Shopify Kit Just Got A Whole Lot Better: Introducing Shopify Ping

Chirping birds, sunny skies, green grass. We can guess what you’re not doing: Delighting in the many seasonal turns happening around you. After all, you're too busy! As an astute business owner, you know that the summer months are a golden opportunity to promote new products, acquire new customers, and generate revenue. But don’t be so quick to kiss all that is good about summer goodbye. A brand new app designed to help streamline business conversations has arrived.

Shopify Kit is your new bff (if she wasn’t already)

In April of 2016, Shopify introduced Kit, a messenger bot that tracks your almost-customers, and then suggests Facebook, Instagram, and email campaigns via SMS based on her findings. Kit may message you something like: "It's a great time to send an email to past customers about your newest products. Can I send this marketing email I crafted?" All you need to do is respond to Kit's message to get the email sent. You can think of Kit as a personal assistant, marketing intern and sales representative all round into one. If you haven’t yet, you can get started with Kit by downloading the app for free.

Hello Shopify Ping

Need a bit more order in your life? Yeah? You're in luck. Shopify Ping is a free mobile workspace for Shopify merchants that brings together all the communication platforms Kit manages in a single iOS app. That means you’ll be able to connect with your customers and manage marketing activities without having to jump between messenger platforms.

Like Kit, the addition of Ping is another change to how online retailers market themselves. As Ray Wang, founder and principal analyst at Constellation Research told Tech Crunch: “The goal is to move the purchase behavior to where the customer is. Chat and marketing convergence is happening in commerce.” Ping is no doubt a step in the right the direction, and you can get started using it today

New goals, new Ping  

When you're the person running the show, it's not always easy to find the time for marketing. With Ping, your message can then be delivered directly to your targeted audience, while you go about managing daily tasks. Even better news? Ping is ready to work overtime so you don’t have to. Now get some sun.

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