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Listen to Clicked to Keep Up With All Things Ecommerce

In the last decade, consumers have fully embraced ecommerce because today, shopping online is a reliable and fast way to make purchases. But in this era of digital innovation, both ecommerce and marketing technologies are quickly evolving. So much so, that it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. Keeping in the know about the latest technologies can help you leverage trends to benefit and grow your business. 

As an ecommerce solutions agency and Shopify Partner, at Diff Agency we love talking all things ecommerce, and we want to share our knowledge with you. So we created Clicked. Clicked is a Client and Partner Spotlight podcast series by Diff agency that aims to educate retailers, marketers, technologists and ecommerce enthusiasts about the latest and greatest brand strategies and technologies.

What is Clicked?

In every episode of Clicked, Diff’s head of revenue, Melissa Pegus, sits down with one of Diff’s partners or clients to hone in on a topic relevant to anyone interested in ecommerce. For example, in one episode Melissa chats with Byron and Dexter Peart, the Co-Founders of Goodee World,  which is a curated marketplace where conscious-minded consumers can find an array of beautiful and essential items for the home. Bryon and Dexter share with Melissa their journey into creating an online marketplace that celebrates good people, good impact, and good design.

According to Dexter Peart, “the premise behind Goodee was to find purposeful brands, partners, artists, and artisans that are doing amazing things, but whose items aren’t always easy to find.” Bryon and Dexter didn’t want Goodee to be about showing a lot of products. Instead, they created Goodee with minimalism in mind. Every item that is sold on Goodee is thoughtfully selected and sourced, resulting in a curated marketplace that doesn’t overwhelm shoppers with choice. 

Bryon explains that all the items on Goodee tell a story through art. He shows Melissa a collection of rugs that are made by a Turkish artist together with a Turkish social cooperative. The rugs can be used as wall tapestry or area rugs, but regardless of how they are displayed, each rug is presented with a unique story. Byron explains that this was why the rugs were chosen for Goodee marketplace. “Having things in your home that tell unique stories gives them meaning,” he says. 

Telling stories was Goodee’s objective from the beginning, and this narrative element was important for them to think about when selecting the tech stack that would support their marketplace. “Goodee isn’t a technology first company,” Dexter explains, “but we knew that we would need strong technology to power Goodee. We needed to find partners that understood the message and story behind Goodee, and could provide the technology to amplify it.”

Dexter and Byron launched Goodee on Shopify Plus and haven’t looked back. “Shopify Plus provides us with dynamic data that helps us understand our customers needs, and ultimately supports our company goal of enabling customers to make better choices when shopping.”

Tune into Clicked

In following episodes, Melissa talks with Dynamic Yield about A.I powered personalization, and with Yotpo about how social proof is the secret to winning. In episodes to come, Clicked will be covering everything from exceeding sales goals to providing great customer experiences, so tune in for your regular dose of information, inspiration, and help with all things ecommerce. And don’t forget to leave your comments, and subscribe! 

Listen and watch Clicked, right here.

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