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Content is King

Content Strategy can be deep and complex. There’s research, writing, editing, and scheduling. All of this happens before we even consider publishing. What’s the best way to organize your content? Does the content work with your layouts?  Without a certain level of expertise you may be devoting hours to content that isn’t generating leads or revenue, and at worst could adversely impact it.

What is Content Strategy?

Content Strategy is the defining of goals, themes, and structures that will guide content creation, organization, and scheduling. It’s working with intention, and making sure that you’re actually thinking about the best use of your content, and what use you want it to serve.

Our Process

We start by focussing on combining the wants and needs of your consumers with recommendations surrounding Content Themes and Content Types that will support the path to purchase.

We take the following steps:

  1. Think of your big idea
  2. Know your messages
  3. Grow a theme tree

We then adapt these ideas, messages and themes into the Hero, Hub and Help framework:

  • Hero - Large scale, “go-big” moments designed to raise brand awareness and profile.

  • Hub - Regularly scheduled “push” content designed for your primary target audience segment.

  • Help - Always on, “pull” content designed for your core customer.Always on, “pull” content designed for your core customer.

How is this relevant to my commerce business?

Good content can influence, remove doubt or reinforce a concept. There are many ways that a website can benefit from a well-executed Content Strategy.

Here are some examples:

  • Shoppers on a product page can see relevant articles and blog posts on the page that help them visualize how the product is used
  • Inspirational content by other people can inform users about unknown benefits of the product through a personal lens
  • Relevant email marketing content can entice shoppers to re-enter the sales funnel

What’s your Content Strategy?

Get in touch with diff to learn about our content audit and content strategy services to see how well your Shopify store uses content to drive engagement and sales with your users.

Get in touch with our ecommerce team if you want to learn more about conducting a UX Audit, the first step in your brand’s digital transformation journey.

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