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What is a custom Shopify theme?

A fully customized Shopify theme provides you with a user interface that is designed specifically for your users’ needs and your business objectives. By going custom, your store is truly unique and stands out from the rest of the pack.

What are the benefits of a custom design?

Diff creates websites that are unique to your brand, tailored to your requirements and highly optimized for your audience. Custom store design provides:

  • Brand-specific attributes
  • Concise theme settings
  • Tailored functionality

We follow a user centric approach to design

We emphasize a user centric approach when building websites because online conversions correlate with seamless and satisfying user experiences.

How does custom design boost your store conversions?

Your ecommerce store is a digital storefront, and an extension of your brick-and-mortar and overall brand experience. It should be clean, easy to navigate, and visually pleasing.

When we custom design your Shopify store, we ensure that your site will be optimized in every way possible. This includes a mobile-friendly design and a customized check-out experience. Details like this convert customers and keep them coming back for more.

How is a custom theme different from a prebuilt Shopify theme?

Shopify themes are prepackaged templates that are available on the Shopify theme store. A Shopify theme combines HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Liquid and image files into what shoppers see on their screen, or the “front end.”

A custom Shopify theme provides you with a user interface designed specifically for your users’ needs and your business objectives. Everything from your information architecture to the aesthetic and functions of your website reflect your brand.

Here are a few reasons why merchants may prefer a fully customized Shopify theme:

Clean code

Only code that is necessary for your site’s operation is implemented, ensuring lightening fast load times and avoids code bloating. This is essential to painless site upkeep and scalability. With a steadfast code base in the back-end, added features won’t contribute to slowing things down in the front-end.

Unique design

A custom build allows for a design that is specific to your industry vertical and reflects your brand. A fully custom theme starts with some ground work: a focused discovery session followed by a systematic approach to mapping your user’s journey, followed by a detailed wireframe and design phase, and more.

Ecommerce expertise

With a custom build, the focus is placed on features that are essential to your brand and which support your business goals. This ensures your theme will best reflect your business objectives before it is ready to go live. Your theme will be designed and implemented by a team of specialized user experience designers and developers.

Interested in a custom Shopify theme?

Our team of ecommerce experts at Diff include designers, developers and marketers who can help boost your brand's conversion rates with a unique commerce experience. Get in touch with us to discuss your project goals.

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