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Customer Persona Mapping

Services Design Customer Persona Mapping Design

You are not your users.

With demographic and psychographic based research, it can give you a collection of insights into who your users are, but how do you apply them to your projects? Through our Customer Persona Mapping service we take your existing research, add our own understanding of user types, and create tangible deliverables you can use to guide the decision making process. These personas are then a constant reminder of who we’re really designing for. It helps both teams check their motivations when making decisions, as it can be easy to create the website that we’d want, not our users.

Our Process

  • Gather and analyze existing demographic and psychographic research from your business. 
  • Search the public domain for additional research on identified key demographics.
  • Craft personas using research, telling the stories and motivations for these fictional characters.
  • Review and Refine internally.

At the end of this process we’ll have created personas mapped to your key demographics, giving us both a valuable touchpoint when making decisions throughout the design process. We make personas so we can ask “What would John Doe want here?”

Get your customer personas started today

Our team of ecommerce professionals at Diff include designers, developers and marketers who can help you identify and refine your core users. Get in touch with us to learn how we can elevate your online store with an enhanced user experience that drives meaningful connections with your audience.

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