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Welcome to the big picture.



See all
the angles.

You bring everything you know about your products, processes, operations and business goals. We bring everything we know about technology, engineering, marketing and e-commerce. Then we sit down and talk it out to build an online strategy that will allow your business to grow.


Cover all
the bases.

Once we’ve clarified your business vision, it’s time to devise a solid plan to pull it off. To do that, we need to take into account everything from storage, shipping and fulfillment logistics to the key metrics you want on your dashboard. From there, we can develop a strong integration plan and an omnichannel strategy that makes the shopping experience seamless across the board. Read Ministry of Supply Story

SHOPPER EXPERIENCE DESIGN Shopify Plus Montreal Agency


Go with
the flow.

Smart design. Smooth navigation. A seamless flow of information that’s clear, concise and reflects your brand. We make sure that your site communicates effectively and persuasively so that consumers find what they’re looking for and proceed to checkout. It’s all about minimizing cart abandonment and maximizing conversion.

Read Urban Planet Story

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