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Code for
getting it done.

Shopify Integration & Custom Themes

Shopify Integration & Custom Themes

Carve out
your space.

We know Shopify by heart. We’ve worked on hundreds of global Shopify projects over the last seven years. But enough about us. This is about developing advanced custom themes and proprietary apps that reflect your needs and set you apart in the marketplace.

Get to know Shopify Shopify Plus Ecommerce Agency


Get it
all talking.

Our team of developers and engineers see complicated system integrations as pretty much the best way to spend their day. What’s their secret? They identify and solve retail operational problems to deliver a cohesive solution, connecting all the dots so that you can run your e-commerce business as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Read PopSockets Story

Shopify Montreal Agency Quality Analysis (QA)

Quality Analysis (QA)

Stay ahead
of the game.

You’ve built an e-com site and you’re ready to launch. This is where we roll up our sleeves to protect your investment. We assign a dedicated QA lead and analyst to every client. They work in tandem with the engineering team and conduct daily monitoring complete with automated alerts that help them catch pesky bugs early on. Before you know it, we’re on it.

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