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Learn about Diff's Full Circle Integration Application

Diff’s proprietary Full Circle integration application allows for seamless integration with Shopify Plus, for high-performance results without the additional admin.

Our unique multi-tenant application now serves over 25 Shopify Plus merchants

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Full Circle Integration

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Full Circle is a common ERP among larger customers; it is complex to integrate with other systems and front-end executions without full knowledge of the potential ripple effects. Diff has unrivaled visibility into the various backend fulfillment models and understand the technical requirements to smoothly connect these with the front end.





Diff Shopify Application

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Full Circle

Application Features

Initial Full Circle integration delivers the following components:

  • Export of Shopify orders to Full-Circle Order Export
  • Receipt of Shipment Order Status from Full-Circle and creation of Fulfillment records in Shopify, or Refunds
  • Inventory Reconciliation

Features the support those components:

  • Ability to configure shipping mappings
  • Ability to temporarily skip inventory updates
  • Ability to specify tagged products that should not have inventory updated
  • Holding of high risk orders, with release / discard mechanism

Client-specific customizations:

  • Returns & Exchanges Process
  • Virtual Bundling
  • Pre-Orders
  • Custom Exports

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