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Headless Commerce

Innovate with Shopify Headless Commerce

Consumer behaviors are changing rapidly and forcing retailers to rethink how they design and architect online shopping experiences to stay competitive. Headless Commerce allows retailers to build seamless shopping experiences across all customer touchpoints including apps, voice, wearables, IoT and in store.

What is Headless Commerce?

A headless commerce architecture separates your front-end experiences from your back-end infrastructure, empowering you to publish instantly from any platform, anywhere. APIs provide a path between your user interface and back-end operational system. This connection empowers retailers with an unlimited amount of web, social, mobile, in-store and smart device customer touch points.

Benefits of Headless Commerce

The main benefit of a headless approach is separating the systems that store data and present it. Headless commerce separates the presentation layer from code. By decoupling the front-end, changes can be completed without programming help. With powerful APIs, Shopify allows you to integrate all your systems (ERP, PIM, IMS, etc.) to build a user experience in the software stack of your choice.

Customer Experience 

  • Provide a consistent experience across all your customer touchpoints by using a single data source
  • Increase customer engagement through wearables, voice technology, creative storefronts, billboards, smart mirrors, vending machines and more from a single data source.
  • Integrate your business tools and systems into the Shopify Plus commerce engine. Express your brand with customized storefronts.


  • Make your brand shine through a fully customized storefront or a progressive web app with Shopify Storefront API or JavaScript SDK.
  • Personalize your ecommerce platform experience for each customer segment, based on criteria that you choose.


  • Improve site performance with a progressive web app (PWA) that behaves more like a native mobile app commerce solution.


  • Speed up time to market with more efficient content management entry processes
  • Marketing teams and development teams will be able to work independently, so you can respond to consumer trends faster with the right marketing messages at the right time.


  • Integrate systems for your business including, ERP, PIM, IMS, CMS, CRM, and pick your own development language.


  • Integrate ecommerce platforms for your business including, ERP, PIM, IMS, CMS, CRM, and pick your own development language. 
  • Use the Shopify Storefront API to deliver content-rich product pages, reviews, or shopping recommendations.


  • Put omnichannel strategies at the center of your customer experience without constraints on pushing content on different platforms.
  • You’ll be able to deliver product information through completely new channels without heavy customizations to your back-end.

Why partner with Diff Agency?

We build scalable online stores to help retailers reach shoppers through new channels that drive top line growth. Brands don’t have to change their CMS platform or front-end technology to have a headless experience. The flexibility of a headless commerce system allows ecommerce businesses to focus on producing content, saving them money and time.

Get future-ready with Headless Commerce.

Are you considering switching from traditional commerce to a headless ecommerce solution for your online brand? We’re happy to help.

Please get in touch for more information on our headless commerce services. Our expert team of System Integrations specialists will help set you up for success.

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