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Lean Research Methods

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Get Insights. Fast.

Your sales analytics can only tell you so much. Once you’ve identified where in the funnel you’re losing users, how do you diagnose the problem? More importantly, how do you fix it? These issues impact your bottom line, so you want to identify and fix them as quickly as possible.

With our Lean Research Methods, we can help you identify issues in your user experience, and then discuss potential solutions with you. Often these services apply as part of a maintenance agreement, where we work through an iterative process of improvements. We are also able to work on single engagements, where we help connect you with actual users who will help identify key issues.

Our Services

First click test

  • Provides users with a flat design (no animations or interactions) and a set of tasks, asking users where they would click first.

Five second test 

  • Users are shown an image for five seconds (usually just the landing section of a page), and then are asked a series of questions testing the priority of certain elements.
  • Examples: What was the brand’s name? What do they Sell?

Tree Tests

  •  Users are provided with a representative visualization of the Information Architecture, and asked where they would go to find certain information or products.

    Card Sort

    • Provides collection of labels directly mapped to nodes of content for the planned website, and asks users to sort in groupings that are logical to them.
    • Two types of card sort: Open card sort (no labels or structure provided) and Closed card sort (structure provided, users place cards into structures)

    Preference Testing

    • Offering two slightly different versions of the same design, user are asked to supply a visceral, immediate reaction and selection

    With any of these services, our end goal is to create a deeper understanding of your users' needs and motivations, driving you towards a more meaningful connection with them.

    Get your Lean research started today

    Our team of ecommerce professionals at diff include UX Specialists, Strategists, and marketers who can work with you to find insights that help you connect with your customers. Get in touch with us to learn how we can elevate your online store with an enhanced user experience that drives meaningful connections with your audience.

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