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All brand new.


Our story

Build a brand. Build a community.

Eight years after diff’s creation, the time had come to build a solid brand and rally key stakeholders around it, from our employees and clients to our partners and supporters.

We’re now ready to unveil our new brand after a six-month creative process and a two-year reflection period. The whole process has taught us so much, made us stronger as a team, and put us in a great position to grow from here.

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Read our Senior Leadership Team’s insights on the rebrand


Be clear. Be playful. Be human.

At diff, we don’t shy away from what we love. Commerce is what makes us tick and our history with it goes far back. Our new brand tagline celebrates that with a nod to diff’s roots, values and vision for the future.

The diff brand voice that stems from this is direct and informative with a touch of playful wit. Clarity is key. And connecting with the audience is everything. We’re a tech-forward company, but we never forget that we’re people first.


Show the beauty
in complexity

We chose to build a visual platform based on abstraction. Many people see e-commerce as an esoteric process, a world of behind-the-scenes coding and complicated algorithms. As retail lovers and e-commerce experts, we find beauty in every step of this process.

With that in mind, we decided to combine photography and digital imagery to create a futuristic look that plays with perceptions. What's real and what's not? This visual dialogue enables us to bridge the gap between the more abstract world of e-commerce and the concrete reality of brick-and-mortar shopping—which happens to be something that the team at diff does every day.


Carve out

your space.




Go with
the flow.


Amp up the storytelling.

To give our copy a visual flair, ensure that relevant content stands out, and inject a little fun into the user experience, we created a toolbox of illustrative artwork and colorful photography.

Shopify Plus Agency Montreal - Diff Agency

Flex hours

Shopify Plus Agency Montreal - Diff Agency

5-weeks vacation

Shopify Plus Agency Montreal - Diff Agency

Dental coverage

Shopify Plus Agency Montreal - Diff Agency

Medical coverage

Work from home

Vision Coverage

Shopify Plus Agency Montreal - Diff Agency
Shopify Plus Agency Montreal - Diff Agency Shopify Plus Agency Montreal - Diff Agency Shopify Plus Agency Montreal - Diff Agency
Shopify Plus Agency Montreal - Diff Agency Shopify Plus Agency Montreal - Diff Agency Shopify Plus Agency Montreal - Diff Agency


Lead by

As expert Shopify consultants, our goal was to bring the Shopify platform to the next level. We integrated a highly-customizable theme that enables great content marketing and pushes the limits of design to get more qualified traffic and higher conversion rates.

We also enhanced the brand experience by introducing new photography, typography and colour in everything from our website to our social channels.

Our vision

Make commerce
better every day.

Diff is a full-service e-commerce agency and a powerhouse of Shopify developers. We love Shopify as much as we love retail. In fact, diff is cited by Shopify store owners and retailers as an industry leader when it comes to delivering reliable end-to-end solutions in record time.

Our aim is to exceed expectations on every project with a brand and customer experience that shines. #longlivediff #longloveretail

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Brand building

  • Ben Crudo, CEO & Reda Magani, COO
  • Fanny Poveda, 
branding and marketing strategy
  • Anne-Marie Brouillette, 
visual brand direction
  • Crystal Beliveau, 
creative copywriting
  • Stéphane Jean, 
French adaptation

Visual art & production

  • Anne-Marie Brouillette,
 global art direction & design
  • Camille Boyer, set design art direction
  • Nik Mirus, photographer
  • Camille Bégin, set design assistant
  • L’Éloi, production house
  • Anthony Morell, illustrator

  • Coppers and Brasses, logo adaptation
  • Hugo Lefort, photographer
  • Sarah Ouellet, motion designer
  • Aaron Kaufman, 4D video artist
  • Patrick Goski, Cinema 4D artist
  • William Thibault, 4D video designer
  • Jean-Philippe Lauzon, front-end developer

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