Learn about Diff's Quiet Logistics Integration Application

As Quiet Logistics' go-to integration agency, we know a thing or two about connecting this highly innovative third party logistics provider with Shopify Plus.

Our best-in-class Quiet Logistics Integration application now serves over 25 Shopify Plus merchants

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Quiet Logistics Integration

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Quiet Logistics is the most advanced 3PL in retail today, providing robotic fulfillment for high-volume merchants across the globe. Diff’s early involvement with Quiet Logistics has allowed us to develop a proprietary multi-tenant application with unique enhancements that allow for extremely high-volume fulfillment, service and installation of multiple Shopify stores. We understand both sides of the integration equation and guarantee a positive return for our clients



3PL Shopify Integration

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Quiet Logistics

Application Features

The initial Quiet Logistics Integration Application includes

  • Export of Shopify orders to Quiet Logistics Shipment Orders
  • Receipt of Shipment Order Result from Quiet Logistics and creation of Fulfillment records in Shopify
  • Inventory Reconciliation

Features that support those components

  • Ability to configure shipping mappings
  • Ability to temporarily skip inventory updates
  • Ability to specify tagged products that should not have inventory updated
  • Holding of high risk orders, with release / discard mechanism

Client-specific customizations

  • Returns & Exchanges Process
  • Order Holding for Delayed Shipment
  • Virtual Bundling
  • Support for QL's Value Added Service feature & Custom Work Instructions

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