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Visual Design

More than meets the eye.

For a successful ecommerce website, you need the steak and the sizzle. A website with an effective visual design will always draw more attention and sales than a disjointed, clunky website. But it’s more than just making the site look nice. Visual design adds another layer to the established wireframes, offering more clarity and context to our interactions and user experience.

Through our Visual Design service we add personality, brand, and animation to your website through the use of shape, colour, and typography. This process is often very subjective, so we encourage longer periods of deliberation with your stakeholders to make sure that we’re capturing your brand. At the same time, our visual design practice is based on years of experience with design best practices and Gestalt theory. We know when to stick to convention for user comprehension, and when to break the mold and try something new.

Our Process

  • Researching, evaluating, and developing a visual language that will represent the brand in the most appropriate way. 
  • Working with existing brand identity and assets provided by the client in order to assure visual consistency across all platforms.
  • Establishing Digital Styleguide for the fundamental web design elements: typography styles, colour palette, iconography and imagery styles.
  • Designing User Interface elements, layouts and other visual elements with respect to previously designed wireframes.

At the end of this process we’ll have created an interface working within constraints of the brand identity, hierarchy of information, and specifics of the medium to tell a compelling story that supports the message and enhances overall user experience.

Get your visual design started today

Our team of ecommerce professionals at Diff include designers, developers and marketers who can overhaul your visual design for a boost in sales. Get in touch with us to learn how we can elevate your online store with an enhanced user experience that drives meaningful connections with your audience.

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