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Prioritizing your users.

Users may not always be able to articulate frustrations clearly, but a poorly designed website will get under their skin all the same. Often the things we don’t notice have the largest impact. These annoyances, or “pain points” will undermine your Ecommerce website, leading to abandonment, and lower conversion rates.

Wireframing is where we lay out your projected site. Often created in greyscale and low-fidelity, we map out where content types and links will exist, keeping a consistent focus on priority. This is a balancing act of your goals, and the users’ needs. This phase of work doesn’t have the wow factor of visual design, but it’s just as vital to the user experience. Our wireframing services will engage with your key stakeholders to create an experience that connects users with your products and services.

Our Process

  • Evaluate your goals and priorities for the website and required functionalities. 
  • Compare business needs against user needs and goals.
  • Create a design template list to validate with your requirements, and the project scope
  • Create iterations of wireframes, defining priorities and content type organization.
  • Refine wireframes through internal reviews.
  • Share iterations of wireframes with key stakeholders, and work through two stages of revisions.

At the end of this process we’ll have leveraged your information architecture and user research insights into a website skeleton that improves user experience, resulting in better performance for your business.

Get your wireframes started today

Our team of ecommerce professionals at Diff include designers, developers and marketers who can overhaul your site structure for a boost in sales. Get in touch with us to learn how we can elevate your online store with an enhanced user experience that drives meaningful connections with your audience.

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