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We are retail technologists

We shape online shopping

We love to add to carts

We are Diff

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Over 100+ digital wizards at your service.

At Diff, we’re lucky to have a group of smart, humble and dedicated team members who get to the bottom of every problem so that our clients come out on top.

Business Wizards

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Project manager

I am a long distance and obstacle course runner; pairs well with my passion for technical project management!

Artsy Engineers

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Front-end developer

I love writing songs and commit messages. Proud father of 7 Slack channels. Vegan food enthusiast. Pet peeve: important. Favorite color: transparent.

Ux Creatives


Experience designer

Retail manager turned Designer. At least 4 books on the go. Staunch advocate for design inclusivity. Father of miniature hulk.

Ux Creatives

Vivian Vivian


Experience Designer

Always on the hunt for some good food. Will make purchases because of great product packaging design. Likes: iced coffee and design research. Dislikes: pineapples on pizza.

Artsy Engineers

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System integration developer

Doctoral degree in Fantasy Sports. I can usually be found wandering in the forest, who when isn't camping, is probably looking for a golf ball.

Business Wizards

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Senior Project manager

Absolute dog-lover that loves to spend time with my not-so-little Doberman. My role: I am the glue that holds things together.

Artsy Engineers


System integration developer

When I’m taking a break from trying to set new personal records for typed words per minute at work, you’ll find me on my bike, searching for new climbs to suffer up.

Artsy Engineers

diff-agency-people diff-agency-people


Front-end developer

Living a few miles away from Amsterdam, I am hooked on travel and sports. Yes, always planning for my next adventure.

Our leadership team.

Ben Crudo CEO Diff Shopify Plus Agency Montreal

A born retailer, a hands-on engineer, and a forward thinker driven to help retailers find their momentum.

Ben Crudo


Matt Humphrey, Chief Experience Officer

UX lead and in-house mentor when it comes to designing accessible and creative online experiences.

Matt Humphreys

Chief Experience Officer

Melissa Pegus, Head of Revenue

Go-getter in charge of identifying and optimizing sales channels to help the business grow.

Melissa Pegus

Head of Revenue

Hai Long Nguyen, Director system integration

Ace software engineer and champion of connecting the dots between complex systems and platforms.

Hai-Long Nguyen

Director, System Integrations


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